Landed Property or Condo in Singapore

Own land is the dream of every owner. For themselves and their families, everyone wants the best, there is always the question of buying an apartment or own piece of land. So at this way a landed property the best resolving of problem you have.

You can start with the fact that the main advantage of your own landed property is original structure. Nowhere the house will be something like yours. Own area free from other people’s eyes. Calm atmosphere. How about apartments? Of course you can choose a chic apartment with an extensive view, but is it worth it? By the fact you will always be constrained at this house is not your personal abode. After all you are your own master and none of the neighbors will dare to come to you with the fact that you somehow miraculously managed to flood it.

Landed Property in Singapore

From the design point of view the landed property also wins. You can buy what you like ready or prepare your own sketches. Everything varies only from your imagination. After all imagine how your life will look better, how your living conditions will improve when instead of some closed box on the 28th floor you will get a unique furnished space with two or more floors. Going out on the balcony, to meet the sunrise drink a wine and below is a large water basin with light at the bottom. And ahead there is quiet and peace. Beautiful, right?

Should I stay in a Landed Property or Condo

On your site you can hope for full protection of your property. Taking into account that this territory will be under protection, you can hope for protection of yourself and your own family. Children can freely go out for walks in the yard and you will not be afraid for anything that something will happen to them that they will wander off to the wrong floor or suddenly get lost. There will be peace and quiet you can do anything. Children can rush there with shouts and you will be sure that only you will be somewhat annoyed by their pampering. It will be easier if you live with animals. Small animals can safely go out on their own business and return back. The garage will also be literally at hand.

Based on all the advantages, you can understand that these sites are not very cheap. Their price is determined by the following factors:
Geographical location
Presence of protection
Area of the territory
Home design
Internally based
Arrangement of the inner courtyard
And so on

Landed Property More Suitable for Families

In own house there are a number of own minuses. For example, it’s tedious to look after its decoration yourself. Either employ workers. After all, in the same apartments, the owner of the complex looks after the appearance of the house with you only a sound coin for services is taken. Here you decide who to hire and when. It’s up to you to take care of your house or it’s easier to hire someone for more money. After all the house without care of it in due course will start to wither especially if you decide to make it completely of wood. So the pool: do you need extra chores with cleaning it? And the yard? With the big house comes a greater responsibility.

Such an arrangement can easily be reached, that the main advantages are cottages built at closed villages. That is all kinds of fitness clubs, open pools, baths. On these territories everything will be worth as much as expensive but you will receive more services for less money.

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