Hougang Mall Located Near to Hougang Avenue 7

Real estate is the best investment on earth. I am sure you are probably wondering how? Well, the answer is: God is not creating any more land. Investing in real estate comes with the following advantages: appreciations, leverage and cash flows. The value of your real estate investment will always appreciate or go up. That is why you are advised to invest today because the best time to invest in real estate was ten years ago.

Hougang Mall Located Near to Hougang Avenue 7

When you invest in Hougang Mall today, you will be able to enjoy leverage from the returns on your investment and finally, when investing in Hougang Mall, there is no reason why your cash flow should be negative due to the amazing opportunities to grow your investment portfolio. With that said, I am sure you are probably wondering; what is Hougang Mall? The development is close to Hougang Avenue 7. The development is also close to many landed properties such as the ones by Fantasia Investment (Singapore), Sun Renwang and Yang Xinping.

Amenities at Hougang Mall near to Hougang MRT Station

Hougang Mall is poised as a family mall with very strong links to the community surrounding: Serangoon, Punggol, Sengkang and Hougang districts. Hougang Mall is located in 90 Hougang Avenue 10 in 538766, Singapore. The mall has focused on improving consumer loyalty by building strong and lasting relationships with its customers. All shoppers visiting Hougang Mall will enjoy the best customer service that will ensure they have a convenient, comfortable and amazing shopping experience from:

· The convenience enjoyed from the SISTIC ticketing service

· The use of prams

· Different rental umbrellas and

· Extremely comfortable nursing rooms.

To increase efficiency and cater for the sophisticated needs of all the shoppers, Hougang Mall has undergone the following transformations: accommodating more retail space by increasing the retail area and having a Food & Beverage section on Level 2 to offer a variety of dining experience from the 8 outlets in the mall. Being the first mall in AsiaMalls, Hougang Mall today enjoys the successful efforts of AsiaMalls in the unique promotion of events into the mall, bringing in new and interactive retail offerings. By now I am sure you are probably wondering what’s in it for you at Hougang Mall. Here is why you should invest in Hougang Mall today!!

Hougang Mall Shopping Experience

Why Hougang Mall?

· The net floor area is 167,019 square feet with 5 levels and 2 basements

· Hougang Mall has a total of 132 shops which comprises 6 levels of retail

· The second basement has a total of 152 car parking lots

· Hougang Mall is also home to retail giants like: Cheng San Community Library, Popular Bookstore, FairPrice Supermarket and Harvey Norman.

· The 1.5X AMperkz points with NTUC Membership app.

· The amazing food and beverage outlets at Hougang Mall: the Manhattan Fish Market, the Soup Restaurant and Pepper Lunch

· You can also contact the management of Hougang Mall if you are interested in Leasing a space today.

So, next time you are in Hougang, Sengkang, Punggol or Serangoon district, feel free to visit Hougang Mall for an amazing shopping experience. If you are also interested in leasing a space and investing at Hougang Mall, you can also contact the Houngang Mall today by dialing 6488 9617 or visiting 90 Hougang 10th Avenue in Singapore.

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