Fantasia Holding Group Giving the World New Experience. If you are searching for a property developer in China, then count it a success and your search has come to a blessed end. Established and founded in 1998, Fantasia Holding Group has taken major steps in business and got listed in 2009 in the stock exchange of Hong Kong. With our dream at the future on how business was to be done, the Group holding focused on mobile business, internet and human f=data leading to the massive growth that has been seen.

Fantasia Holding Group Parkwood Collection Singapore

Our focus remains in transforming livelihoods and value additions to our clients, the client base has been on the rise. We are committed to serving all of our customer base composed of majorly the middle to upper class of both individuals and enterprises. We are dedicated I terms of service delivery to be part of the success story of the fast-changing economy of India. Our clients are the main reason why we exist and the success we have today we owe it to them. We, therefore, remain very attentive to deliver the best products hence every product designed we ensure it is all accommodative. We take care of both the current and the future need of our clients as we work to ensure they get real value for their investments.

Fantasia Holding Group Developer for Landed Property in Singapore

From City developments to other real estate properties and services, we have established different complexes within the country. Such across different cities have made it easy to do business as most of them host offices, boutiques and retail shops.

Our roots are now established in the financial sector with our operations streamlined as the backbone remains as property development. Our coverage in terms of distance is not limited as the company has spread its wings in different cities in China ensuring that financial freedom reaches its best. With the partnership with different other organizations, Fantasia Holding Group has focused in different areas in the economy ensuring value addition. The growth of the company has not only been seen in China but with three different companies listed under it, it has become a giant to the whole world hence the world largest operation provider.

Fantasia Holdings Property Developer for Parkwood Collection

Having created a great transformation in China, the focus of Fantasia Holding Group is now changing to give control to the whole world. With the sky being the limit to the company, development projects are now being established beyond the borders of China. With Singapore, US, Tokyo, and Taiwan being the starting point of the world expansion. Even as we go beyond the borders of China, our level of service delivery remains a key focus to ensure best customer experience. We understand that no company is ever too big to be brought down to its knees hence we have all our corporate philosophies and core values to guide our service delivery.

Our vision for Fantasia Holding Group remains clear to us every day as we work to be the leading industry while providing colorful, joyful, meaningful, and inspiring living space as we focus on value. We are committed to remaining unique is service delivery as our mission as we provide competitive and inclusive returns to our shareholders. Giving back to the society has remained our area of focus and we shall continue to do so.