Hougang Town Near to Landed Properties in Hougang

This river-end’ town, as its meaning depicts, is located in the North-eastern part of Singapore. Many of the residents speak the Teochew language that originates from the Teochew community. It is one of the most populous places in the region, hosting a population of 179,600 residents; a situation that arouses the need for proper urban planning and affordable housing.

Hougang Town Near to Landed Properties in Hougang

The town offers a variety of housing facilities and amenities such as flats, condominiums, flats, and apartments for either sale or rent. Hougang Town is divided into 10 sub-zones and there is an estimated 50,248 number of flats alone in the town. These are located in the many various streets of Hougang town such as Buangkok crescent, Buangkok green, Buangkok link, Upper Serangoon Road, Upper Serangoon crescent and the various Hougang avenues (1,2,3,4,5,6,7) among many other places. The town’s real estate sector also offers Mortgage, Valuations and Concierge services; factors which make it appealing to a wide variety of people with diverse needs and pockets. It also adds to the appeal of the town as a real estate hub.

Hougang Town Convenience and Amenities

The accessibility of these housing facilities has been made easier and more convenient because of the availability of various housing, property and real estate agents such as the SRX Agents among others. They make house hunting much easier and their sites are also available online for overseas access. As with every transaction, it is always advisable to deal with only registered agents and require proof of purchase for every monetary transaction made. Different regions within the town attract different prices of rent and sale of property, and it is important to always consult with your housing agent on the best options available. Owning property as well as living or renting in Hougang town is very convenient due to the diverse amenities that the town offers.

Hougang Town Near to Hougang Mall

There are a number of commercial activities centered around the heartland mall, Hougang mall and the upper Serangoon shopping center making accessibility of fresh goods and produce easier than ever. There are also a variety of recreation facilities within the town such as sports complexes, stadiums, aquatic centers, parks as well as market centers making it a self-sufficient town for dwellers and enjoyable as well. The amazing landmarks in the town such as the Singapore Leprosy Relief Association (SLRA) make it appealing as a tourist destination as well. Transportation has also been made easier through a variety of commercial bus services and train stations such as Hougang MRT station, Kovan MRT station and Buangkok MRT station which make moving around the town easier than ever. All in all, investing in real estate in Hougang town is a safe bet and is an option that you should definitely consider taking!

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